Whites Electronics-Whites DFX 300 Metal Detector

In this video we teach you on overview of the White's DFX 300 Metal Detectors GEB Trac Section. This stands for ground exclusion balancing. All of the tracking sections are covered first is the Auto Trac and the setting are demonstrated for you such as Autotrac Speed and Offset so you can adjust your DFX 300 to the type of ground that you are hunting.

Mark from White's Electronics discuses all of the Discriminate settings and the benefits of these settings to help you have a much better hunting experience with your White's DFX 300 Metal Detector.

More White's DFX Metal Detector Settings And Setups.

 White's DFX Metal Detector Settings

Learn tone and audio frequenting settings for your White's DFX Metal Detector. Adjusting your threshold settings with your White's DFX Metal Detector depending upon your preferences.

This video shows the difference between silent mode, and mixed mode. Also demonstrated is the AC and DC sensitivity settings.

We also show you backlight adjustments and you will learn so many setting in this video about toning and sensitivity that you will be ready to go and find all of the many finds out there easier with your White's DFX Metal Detector.

White's DFX Adjustments And Presets.

White's DFX Metal Detectors Presets And Adjustments Setup

This video shows you the White's DFX Metal Detectors presets and adjustments settings and changing your modes. Also covered is the use of the White's DFX Metal Detectors pinpoint mode and the use of the pinpoint trigger. We move through the coins, coins & jewelry and jewelry & beach, relics and prospecting factory settings. Also you can set your own specialized modes with the custom programs setup. The target volume is covered and how you can adjust it to your own needs with your White's DFX Metal Detector.

Part 1 For The White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector.

In Depth Training For The White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector

Part 1 of the training for using the white's spectra v3i metal detector. covering the 3x3 Target ID System on the spectra v3i metal detector. Live Control tips on the best settings to use with the spectra v3i. Also covered is the Preset Hunting Programs. The Display- Screen Info and how to save your programs with the White's Spectra V3i.

Part 2 Setup Your White's DFX 300 Metal Detector

Best Settings For The White's DFX 300 Metal Detector

We continue with setting up your White's DFX 300 metal detector. Going through the screen and showing you the best setting for different situations. Beginning the ground balance of your White's DFX 300 Detector. The startup and beginning your searching with your new detector. And gives you a look at all of the control panel options and there best use.

Setup The DFX 300 Whites Metal Detector Part 1

How To Setup Your White's DFX 300 Out Of The Box

In this first video a white's representative shows you the beginning setup for your new White's DFX 300 metal detector. He demonstrates the best assembly of your White's metal detector. Next you will be brought through the initial power up and the basic screen settings.

Fisher CZ3D Metal Detector-Fisher Laboratory Metal Detectors

Fisher CZ3D Metal Detector-Fisher Laboratory Metal Detectors

The easy to use, multifrequency CZ-3D is designed to find more coins - especially older coins at older sites!
The CZ-3D will find more GOOD metals such as brass, bronze, copper & silver. It delivers four tone audio target ID, deep target audio boost, push button pinpointing, depth
reading, wet sand operation and the new "Enhance" mode for high performance target I.D.

CZ-3D – Coin, Relic & Saltwater Beach Hunting Specialist

  • Dual Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis, Engineered to Take You to Deep Treasure!
  • Deep, Accurate –Tone Target ID
  • Enhanced Target Mode for More Coins & Relics
  • Operating Frequency: 5 and 15 kHz
  • Superior Depth in Mineralized Soils
  • High Performance Beach Unit – Salt Mode for Wet Sand Operation

It comes standard with a 3-piece breakdown handle and operates on only two 9v batteries.

Backed by Fisher's Lifetime Limited Warranty* for a lifetime of service & satisfaction.
T learn more about the Fisher CZ-3D and other Fisher Laboratory detectors

White's Metal Detectors-Review White's Metal Detectors

White's Metal Detectors-Review White's Metal Detectors

Reviews and Testimonials about the White's Metal Detectors and there great features. Built in the United States Whites Metal Detectors are easy to use for the beginning detectorist and the experienced treasure finder.

With there high vis screen and simple to navigate settings you can change from relic to coin from beach to fields in just seconds.

Whites also makes many accessories that will help you take your hunts to the next level. With quick shipping and great customer service

White's has come to be known in the metal detecting industry as Quality. For more information on many different brands of great new detectors read more here.