Why Whites DFX 300 Discrimination Settings Are So Important.

Whites DFX 300 Recovery Speed And More.

Learn the settings for discrimination and much more for the whites dfx 300 metal detector. 

With the Whites DFX 300 as with any metal detector the discrimination setting will decide how successful you are in finding more of the coins or relics or jewelry that you are searching for. Have the wrong setting with your dfx and you will be digging nails and bottle caps all day and we all know what that is like.

The first thing that we will cover in this video is your DFX 330 recovery speed settings and what they should be for your best detecting experience.

Also the video covers your sweep speed and what adjustments can be made to help you cover allot more ground when you are out there in those big fields or beaches and other places.

With anything the success is in the numbers the more the better, so the more territory that you can cover with your whites dfx 300 metal detector the chances are the more finds you will have and the greater the hunt.

Next in the video we cover ground filtering and how it works and the great professional options display on the whites dfx 300 and the best setup for your display so that you will always get the top performance from your whites metal detector.


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