Whites MXT Pro Metal Detector.

Whites MXT Pro Metal Detector.

Whites MXT Pro metal detector, is the mid range detector in the Whites Electronics line of metal detectors. It has many of the great features of more expensive detectors but at a far more reasonable cost.

Watch the video below to see a few of the upgraded features that the Whites MXT Pro metal detector have.


Whites MXT vs Whites MXT Pro metal detector.

Whites MXT series has three models to choose from. There is the Whites MXT, and the Whites MXT Pro, and the Whites M6 models.
All of the models are similar in many ways but with a few options in each that make them different from each other.
First when you hold the Whites MXT you will notice the display screen on all three models the Whites MXT Pro metal detector is the only one of the models that comes stock with a backlit display giving it added versatility for those low light hunts.
Both the MXT and the Whites MXT Pro come with automatic ground balance. The MXT Pro comes with more options in search modes than the other two models with it's relic mode and separate detecting programs giving you more option for your metal detecting hunts.
All three models come with the trigger pinpointing located beneath the display. They are built of well crafted aluminum construction right here in the USA. I think with all three of the MXT line you cannot go wrong.
They all come in at between $699 and $899 dollars with the Whites MXT Pro metal detector but for the money you will most certainly be well surprised at the quality and the dependability that you will get from your new MXT detector. 


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